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In an era of technology-driven innovation, companies need to make quick decisions in order to gain a competitive edge, and access to the right information allows business leaders to reduce costs, make measurable improvements in customer service, productivity, and communication, and quickly identify and resolve problem areas.

Novum, provides businesses with a central hub for operations management, internal IT support, and customer service. With a central repository for all important information and a visible task flow, all stakeholders are able to monitor progress and manage priorities, creating a more efficient workflow and improving productivity.

Novum gives managers access to real-time data to not only better manage tasks and processes, but also implement continuous, trackable improvements and better manage client expectations.

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Efficient communication within an organisation is vital for both effective business management as well as for creating a productive work environment and culture. redComms, an enterprise communication solution, offers businesses a comprehensive and user-friendly platform to manage all internal organisational communication and collaboration.

Accessible via browser or Windows client, redComms offers managers and staff members across branches a convenient way of sharing relevant company news and messages, storing company documentation, supporting HR processes and managing staff training certification.
With real-time reporting and administrator-controlled permissions, it is possible to ensure all important information reaches the right audience whenever needed.



Developing debit order infrastructure can be both costly in terms of resources and time due to the complexities of interfacing with multiple banks.
redMax provides a standardised interface into all the major banks, offering large enterprises and SMEs a convenient automated collections process with the option to choose between an on-site or cloud-based solution.

With redMax, organisations are able to change banking provider without having to change any of the upstream systems interfacing with this solution, while also being able to process EFT payments as well as track accounts with NAEDO. In addition, new banks can be added and bank gateway changes managed efficiently within configuration files, and functionality is continually being analysed and upgraded to provide the most effective service.

With redMax, all organisations are able to streamline cash flow and improve overall financial management.